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Theme like you’ve never seen before
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Ultimate Theme for WooCommerce

5+ years of WooCommerce coding experience, plugin development and customer support made this package. This package is solid and will be maintained for years to come, so why not make it the cornerstone for your next ambitious and long lasting WooCommerce project?

Child Themes, Styles and Flexibility

Unlimited sections in header and footer areas. Element bars, widget areas or plain content/shortcodes, collapsible or not, with resolution and page dependent visibility settings. Content area with up to 4 fully controllable sidebars! All this is fully styleable with fonts and colors!

Exclusive Plugins and Extensions

Everything is included! Starting with the WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF over Newscodes and Newscodes WooCommerce Extension all the way to Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.

ShopKit Features #1

  • Super Fast, Super Light! Theme includes only 1 LESS generated CSS file and ~3kb of JavaScript!
  • Included Exclusive Plugins! Everything from + Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Revolution Slider! That’s almost $294 in total value!
  • Unlimited sections and UI elements in header and footer. All styleable with 500+ fonts, colors and backgrounds, resolution/device or page dependent! «Can I add this here?» will never be asked again
  • Best responsiveness ever. With all sections and elements having visibility checks for mobiles/laptops/desktops, systems behind the element align and our non-JavaScript layouts, your web shop on mobile/handheld devices will look like a native app
  • Child themes for best practices. We’ve packed 3 child themes that automatically set the options when installed. Demo content is included and can be installed with a single click

ShopKit Features #2

  • exclusivly included plugins! WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF, Newscodes, Newscodes WooCommerce Extension and Widget and Sidebar Customizer
  • Up to 4 sidebars in the content area with separate width and mobile/laptop/desktop visibility settings
  • Custom CSS for responsive resolutions too! Set your custom CSS based on the device layout display. Write CSS for mobiles, tablets or laptops and desktops separately
  • Great WooCommerce support! 5+ years of experience in WooCommerce coding
  • Still not convinced? We support this too! How about a private forum here Just connect with your Envato account and our staff will be with you right away

ShopKit for WooCommerce is truly awesome!

Our 10000+ clients prove our point. Check their testimonials
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I have an e-commerce business and redesigned the site! The look and ease of this plugin had me loving it once I had it functioning! Beautiful and easy for the customers to use! My sales have also been going up. The author is very quick to respond and very patient! He’s had to answer so many of my questions so I know!


WooCommerce Product Filter
Excellent plug-in that just works out of the box. I no longer need to keep notes on the side when I see a product that doesn’t display right or has incorrect wording or some other issue. Now I can just fix it right then and there while browsing the front end of the store. Even while 35000 feet in the air using airplane wifi 🙂


WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager
If I could give him 20 stars on this I would! — I have tried every magazine and newspaper theme, along with every post grid plugin I could find over the past few years and NONE of them compare to this plugin!


If you’re sick of the old standard drop-down boxes for your attributes, this plugin is for you! Plugin will definitely impress your customers and improve your site’s visual user experience. It also works well in product quick-views!


Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce
Only the best to say about his plugin! It has to be on every Woocommerce site. Cudos to author,


Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce
Fantastic plugin! Way better than using the built-in layered nav with lots more filter options eg. stock status.


WooCommerce Product Filter

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