Sex Toys Care


Step 1 – Clean your vibrator thoroughly before and after each use with special manufacturers recommended sterilising fluid or toy cleaner. Wipe clean if not waterproof.

Step 2
– Do not use alcohol-based products, chlorine or undiluted detergents. Chemical based soaps such as Dettol will damage the surface of your vibrator.

Step 3
– Take care when cleaning your toy, remember it is an electrical item and moisture can damage your toy and also react with batteries.

Step 4
– Store your vibrator in its own packaging or in the protective case sleeve if provided with the toy, as contact with plastic bags or other vibrators may cause damage to its surface.

Step 5
– Vibrators are electrical and motors may become warm with use. If you feel your vibrator is getting unduly warm, switch off and allow it to cool down.

Step 6
– Always allow your vibrator to cool down before storing in a safe place.

Step 7
– Waterproof toys are intended to be used in water but only when fully assembled in accordance with instructions.

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